HWQS Модуль-шлюз QS link<>DALI (2 линии по 64 балласта каждая) (LQSE-2DAL-D)

HWQS Модуль-шлюз QS link<>DALI (2 линии по 64 балласта каждая) (LQSE-2DAL-D)

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  • Производитель: Lutron
  • Код товара: LQSE-2DAL-D
  • Артикул: LQSE-2DAL-D


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Производитель: Lutron
Тип шлюза: QS link<>DALI
Подключение по шине: QS link
Количество линий DALI: 2
Напряжение питания линий DALI: 16V

DALI Power Module
The DALI Power Module is a DIN-rail mounted controller for DALI-compliant digital addressable loads, referred to as control gear. It provides DALI bus power and control for two independent DALI buses with up to 64 DALI-compliant digital addressable loads each.


• Provides power for two buses of DALI-compliant digital addressable loads: 

–  128 mA guaranteed current 

–  250 mA maximum supply current per bus

• Each DALI bus can control a maximum of 16 zones.

• Power failure memory retains programming in  the event of a power loss.

• DALI Power Module can be used in a HomeWorks QS system to control and manage light in an entire home or building.


• 230 V~  50/60 Hz  80 mA

• Lightning strike protection meets ANSI/IEEE standard 62.31-1980. Can withstand voltage surges of up to 6000 V~ and current surges of up to 3000 A.

• Stand by power: 7 W

• BTUs / hour when fully loaded: 24

• DALI bus Output: 16 V(DC)

128 mA guaranteed supply current,

250 mA maximum supply current per bus.


• Lutron Quality Systems registered to ISO 9001:2015.

• IEC 60669-2-1

• DALI-2 Certified

• UL

• cUL


DALI Control Gear Compatibility

• DALI-2 Certified; Compatible with DALI control gear (e.g. LED drivers).

• The LQSE-2DAL-D is a single master controller and therefore no other controllers may exist on the same DALI bus.


• Surrounding Air Temperature Range: 0 ?C to 65 ?C (32 ?F to 149 ?F).

• Relative Humidity: less than 90% non-condensing.

• Calibration point maximum: 75 ?C (167 ?F)

• For indoor use only.


• Mains Wiring: 1.0 mm2 to 4.0 mm2  (18 AWG to 10 AWG)

• DALI bus Wiring: 0.5 mm2 to 4.0 mm2 (20 AWG to 10 AWG)

• QS Link Wiring: 0.5 mm2 to 4.0 mm2 (20 AWG to 10 AWG)

• Minimum wire temperature rating = 65 °C (149 ?F), copper wire only Mounting

• Mount in a Lutron DIN Panel (see spec 369788) or in an IP20 (minimum) rated consumer panel or breaker panel with integrated DIN rail.

• Width = 9 DIN modules (161.7 mm or 6 3?8 in).

• For more information on mounting and installation in panels with integrated DIN rail see Lutron P/N 048466 at www.lutron.com.

Programming and Compatibility Requirements

• The LQSE-2DAL-D can only be used with the HomeWorks QS system.

• Setup and programming of the DALI Power Module is done through the HomeWorks QS programming software.

DALI Buses

• Up to 64 DALI compliant loads on each bus can be addressed and grouped into 16 zones.

• DALI Power Module supplies a maximum of 250 mA to power each bus.

• DALI Power Module supplies a guaranteed current of 128 mA to power each bus.

• DALI Power Module has an integrated bus power supply with polarity indicated on the unit.

• Some DALI loads may be polarity sensitive. Refer to individual manufacturers' specifications for proper connection to the DALI bus.

• Short circuit protection with automatic restart.

QS Link Limits

• A QS link in a HomeWorks QS system can have up to 512 zones (outputs) and 100 devices. A DALI compliant digital addressable load counts as 1 zone unless specifically grouped into zones from the HomeWorks QS software.

• Each DALI Power Module counts as one device toward the 100 device limit.

• A maximum of 8 fully loaded DALI buses may be connected to a single QS link.

HomeWorks QS Wallstations

• HomeWorks QS wallstations can be configured to control DALI Power Modules with the HomeWorks QS programming utility.

• LED indicator displays the status of programmed lights.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance Features

• Maintains redundant memory of control gear programming for ease of single or multiple control gear replacement.

• To verify DALI lights connected to DALI bus 1 and  bus 2:

–  Enter Test Mode: Press and hold Test button on the DALI Power Module until the Test LED starts flashing. 

–  Test: Each press of either the DALI 1 or DALI 2 button will cycle the lights between high-end, low-end, flash and off for that bus.

–  Exit Test Mode: Press and hold Test button until Test LED stops flashing.

Тип шлюза
QS link<>DALI
Подключение по шине
QS link
Количество линий DALI
Напряжение питания линий DALI
Ток линий DALI (максимальный пиковый)
Ток линий DALI (максимальный в рабочем режиме)
Напряжение питания
Потребляемая мощность
Потребляемая мощность в режиме ожидания
Потребляемый ток по шине
Цвет и габариты
Габаритные размеры
162 х 90 х 61 мм
Размер DIN

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